New Film: Lunch at the Lake
The new film on the site is a pixilation I made up in Tahoe with my buddy Nate. It was fun to make and hopefully will be fun to watch as well. You’ll notice there’s no iPod download yet - that’s because the music that’s on there now is copyrighted – an original score is really close.

10/12 - Rogue Ale House Film Festival
7:30PM This Thursday
673 Union Street, San Francisco
Hide Your ‘Stache and Today’s the Day are playing one right after the other starting at 8:00PM. Have some beers, have some laughs, support the team.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

10/26 - AOL Moviefone Short Film Festival

Today’s the Day premieres on the site 10/26 (it’s not there yet)
10/27 - Stain & Cake Movie Night at the Red Vic!
We’ve rented out the Red Vic at 1727 Haight Street for a midnight screening of all the S&C short films. The lineup will include Lunch at the Lake, Ahead of the Game, Today’s the Day and Hide Your ‘Stache. We’re hoping to also have another little short done in time as a bonus.

If you're in the Bay Area that night, come out and celebrate with us. If you're not in the Bay Area, pass the info on to any friends that are - it should be a lot of fun.

Some of you may have seen this a couple months back, but in case you missed it, Ahead of the Game got a great write-up on the college humor site PointsinCase: